Utah's Premier MOBILE Dog Grooming

SPAW provides the distinguished dog owner with Full Service Mobile Grooming and luxury spa services (60lb limit). 

Why Mobile Grooming?

Mobile grooming is the ultimate in convenience for you and the best option for your beloved pet. You save time and money driving to and from the grooming shop and your pet receives dedicated, one-on-one attention with no waiting around, surrounded by strange dogs. Anxiety is lessened, as is exposure to the dangers of being around other dogs.

Your Assurance

You have the assurance that a SPAW groom is performed by a groomer who is certified by the National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA), an organization monitoring standards of excellence for dog groomers across America. Certification is voluntary.

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All services are by appointment only. Please call,

(801) 901-8427

to schedule a SPAW day for your dog.

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