Utah's Premier MOBILE Dog Grooming

SPAW provides the distinguished dog owner with Full Service Mobile Grooming and luxury spa services (60lb limit). Mobile grooming is the ultimate  convenience saving you time and money. Your dog receives personal attention lessening anxiety and without the dangers of being around other dogs.


At SPAW, you choose what level of care best fits you and your dog. Premium shampoos and conditioners are included in all our services, at no additional charge. Select what’s right for you:


Bath & Brush service for keeping your dog happy and healthy. Included is nail trimming, ear cleaning, and face, feet and fanny trimming. For ideal health, this is best done every 4-8 weeks.


Full Groom in addition to a Bath & Brush described above. Some dogs have hair, other have fur. For ones with hair, this includes either a haircut, trimmed & styled to your specifications; or for ones with fur, it includes de-shedding.


This is Complete Care for the health of your dog. In addition to a Bath & Brush and a Full Groom, add a SPAW service or package. Your dog can enjoy a variety of services such as a Therapeutic Mud Bath with Massage, Sugar Scrub, Foot and Ear Soak, a Pedicure, and more!


All Dogs are Different

For example, some larger dogs with heavy coats may be priced per hour for the services they need. Below are estimated price ranges for different sized dogs.

Estimated Price Grid

All services are by appointment only.  Please call,

(801) 901-8427

to schedule a SPAW day for your dog.

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